Welcome to Being & Slime

So, hi. I don’t what this is going to look like yet but my intention is to write some horror film reviews, and maybe some other things sometimes. I guess I’ll probably vacillate between popular criticism and something more theoretical, we’ll see. I plan to post something once or twice a week, but I may go quiet when less appealing obligations finally pile up and demand my attention. Or obviously I might just write this one post and nothing else ever again.

This blog will for the time-being remain anonymous as I haven’t ‘come out’ as a critic to my friends and family, though many of them probably have their suspicions (“Think of it less like losing a son, and more like gaining a self-important pedant,” I’ll say to my heartbroken dad). Hopefully some people will find something to like here, but I’m really just writing to get myself writing more.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll return to “consume” more of my “content.”